B2B Marketing Strategy

Is networking the only way to acquire customers? Nope B2B marketing is pretty different than B2C marketing. When I was a Business Consultant in a Dalian consulting company, I always wondered that where our clients came from. One day I discovered the secret. Because our boss was also a professor at a credible MBA school,... Continue Reading →

My Experience with New York Times

Reading newspapers is not out of fashion My girlfriend always laughs at me when I read printed newspapers, saying that it's an old man's hobby. My typical response to her is to shrug and pretend that nothing has happened. I am not that stupid to argue on this issue because I know that I would... Continue Reading →

My Customer Journey on Warby Parker Online Store

About Warby Parker Warby Parker is one of the pioneers in the direct-to-customer e-commerce world. It started in 2010 in Philadelphia by Neil Blumenthal, Andrew Hunt, David Gilboa, and Jeffrey Raider. Their glasses can be purchased online at a pretty low rate when compared with regular optic stores. They also offer free "Home-Try-On program" that allows people to... Continue Reading →

Blockchain & Marketing

It's never too late to learn about blockchain Blockchain has been a hot thing in recent years, mainly because of the skyrocketing price of Bitcoin. Not many people may know that blockchain as a database technology can also be used in advertising industry. An overview of media buying process Traditionally, ad agencies buy ad inventory from... Continue Reading →

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