WELCOME to Kyle’s Hive!!!


This site belongs to a papa of two guinea pigs. He loves Dota, archery, guitar, and statistics in marketing.


Despite a newbie to marketing, I do have a solid understanding in statistics and analytics. I am a techie in all the companies I worked for. I know R, Filemaker, SPSS, Stata, Eviews,  Python, and Office (which everyone knows how it works). So, please feel free to ask me questions about any technical issue.

My transition from a techie to a marketer has been pretty successful even though marketing is a more creative work compared to analytics. I believe marketing and analytics do have many things in common. For instance, they both require some sparkles to get the best solution under a set of limitations. And marketing has been transform into a more analytical industry as well, such as programmatic planning and online marketing.


I do believe traditional marketing will not die, and it will adapt to the changes happened in the world and change into something that looks differently but the substance is still a bridge that connects customers and brand/product.


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