“Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all” – A response from Fascination Advantage Test

Prelude – Meet my expectation

Duh, our professor said this week’s blog is going to be the easiest one overall, but I don’t believe it! Seeing myself from a test?! Aha, to a statistician like me, who’s not comfortable with using pie charts, every test is examined carefully by my statistic instinct. Has the test used enough observations? Has the test used repetitive questions to validate the results? How the questions were designed? Does every question feed result to a single indicator or to multiple indicators? OMG, so many things were going on my mind.

Interlude – Taste my arrow

When I started doing the test, hum, the web design wasn’t so bad. And honestly, it was great. The customer experience was good because only few personal info were needed for clicking the continue button, which is so important to me, an impatient millennial.

Weird, weird, weird. I was anticipating a long questionnaire, but it ended up with only 4 tabs with only 7 questions on each tab. Well, remember those insurance companies? They always ask you so much info that feels like taking forever. I cannot recall any statistic rules because the rules tell me that when doing some behavioral questions hesitate I should not. After few clicks, the result was out, and I was pretty confused rather than amazed by the result.

Postlude – My archetype, the trendsetter

16 pages pdf report from only 28 questions? I must say it beyond my expectation.

Overall, I was defined as a Trendsetter, a combination of innovation(primary) and prestige(secondary). And the five words that describe me are cutting-edge, elite, progressive, imaginative, and edgy. Well, it does make sense because I keep a notebook for writing down all the sparkles that surf through my mind. And during work, I was regarded as an innovative and trustworthy person.


(Image from: http://www.howtofascinate.com/which-celebrities-share-your-communication-style)

But wait, what does prestige mean to me? According to the report, ambitious, results-oriented, and respected are the three words that describe who I am. Well, even though I’ve never been a board member of any student organization since middle school, the first two qualities perfectly reveal how I do my work. I am always eager to explore what are the existing bars. After I get there, I try to surpass them.

For my dormant advantage, the report says it is trust. (after a 10 sec silence) WHAT?! I couldn’t believe it. My friends always say that I am a reliable person, and I see myself as a trustworthy person as well. Maybe it’s because it is weaker when compare with other qualities? Anyway, no more reasons, it doesn’t feel true to me.

Curtain Call – Some random afterthoughts

The test and the result remind me of the horoscope. But, unlike horoscope, which fits almost on everybody, the Fascination Advantage Test is based on sophisticated psychology theories. As long as the company makes people believe the test is useful for their lives, it can be very popular.

I always say that the founder/discoverer of religions are the best marketers ever. The test works in similar ways just as religions, which do not directly benefit people and sometimes even cannot be explained by science. But as long as people are convinced that it is the religion that benefits them, the religion will survive and thrive, and it will help people to fulfill their mental needs as needed. If Fascination can learn some from how religions spread, I bet the company will have a green sign on their stock price. LOL

BTW, many thanks to Ms. Hogshead, who created this wonderful test.

If you wish to take one as well, please check this out: https://portal.howtofascinate.com/you


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