What it cost to marry a lady?

I’ve been thinking about the title for quite long time… One thing that every man must read? or A key to the marriage? Well, after having tortured myself for a decade-long, finally I settled my thoughts. It is a story about shining rocks.

For guys, marrying a lady can sometimes be a hard decision. It takes courage to say those words in front of her. And after the promise is made, she will be the one that accompanies you for the rest of your life. However, is the courage enough for getting her consent? Don’t be naive, you probably need a house, a car, a grand wedding, a bright future of life… What?! you say your brain stopped working when I was bringing out the never-ending items on the list. Okay… forget about what I brought out from my Merriam-Webster dictionary. Honestly, all you need is a diamond ring, and that’s it.


(Image from De Beers)

Diamond has been endowed with many emotions. It is not only a proof that you are financially capable of supporting your marriage, but also a wish of forever love. Many thanks to De Beers, they used one slogan to impose a marriage tax that is collected even more effectively than what you can expect from the IRS. And the famous slogan is, “A diamond is forever”.

In 1947, De Beers introduce its symbolic and long-lasting slogan, “A diamond is forever”. And the “supervillain” is Frances Gerety, a young copywriter at the N W Ayer advertising agency. Of course, the victims are millions of men who are tortured by love. Since then, after have been bombed with tons of proposing scenes on screens, like the programmatic process in Game of Thrones, “head, spike, and wall”, the process of proposing is as simple as kneeling, diamond, and words.

de-beers-classic-diamond-is-forever-ad.jpg(Image is from Brandchannel)

Almost 70 years later, the slogan sparked again in 2015, when De Beers renovate the slogan and enrich it with modern meanings. But the essence hasn’t changed at all, it is still the symbol of a lifelong commitment.

(“The One”, Forevermark US – A Diamond Is Forever)

Undoubtedly, the slogan is a huge success. It not only boosted the sales of the company but also redefined the meaning of diamonds to customers. In the movie Diamonds Are Forever, one of James Bond series, the slogan was known worldwide. However, a lot of people did not give the credit to De Beers. Many other jewelry companies were benefited from the commercials that convey the similar concept.


(Image from http://www.007museum.com/diamonds_are_forever.htm)

Beside that the slogan benefited De Beers‘s competitors, De Beers themselves are in an embarrassing situation. The slogan itself is still valuable, and it is too valuable for De Beers to abandon. And because “a diamond is forever” has already set the bar,  it is hard for De Beers to find a substitute. So, not surprisingly, De Beers picked it up again in 2015. Instead of saying that it is a campaign of nostalgia, I would rather say it is they have run out of tricks.

All in all, before the jewelry store rob your bank account, let’s pray that the next “Gru” can redefine the market by claiming that “Diamonds are for everyone”.

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