Welcome to Kyle’s Blog

A newbie is on the way!

Hummm… It smells like a whole new stuff to me. The world suddenly changed into the era of Twitter/Instagram  before I had a chance to experience the era of blogs. To me, Twitter is a good way to get the instant news from first-hand source. Unlike Twitter, blogs are sources that are more detailed, which is more like newspapers and magazines. We can always use Twitter to catch the trend and use blogs to get the insights from people.

Well, I wish you can take something away from my posts. I am also very eager to learn from your comments.

What can you guys expect from my blog?

Well, first thing of all is my understanding of marketing. And my second most important topic will be how I integrate marketing and analytics.

img_0978For the rest of my posts, you may expect something about guitar, archery, my two handsome guinea pigs, and maybe even some of my thoughts about general business. I always write down my new business plan every time it hits my brain.

Although I regard myself as a very organized person, I am easily distracted by any new changes happened in the world. So, folks, be prepared!


Something about myself

Someday before 2025 I will have my own business. Maybe that can explain why I have a variety of interests. The reason I chose marketing is because I believe marketing, product, and cash flow are the three most important things for a start-ups in whatever industry. These three things decide whether the product will be sold and whether the company can survive.

I always believe the best thing to give back to the society is to create opportunities for whoever need them. Giving people something to dream of is way better than simply giving them food/money for free. When I was volunteering in Publicolor Inc., students are taught with life benefiting skills that they will never stuck in poverty again in their rest of lives. There’s always a old Chinese saying, “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”.

You may notice I some time write some weird/random stuff even though I regard myself as a very organized person. That’s me, with all the random and weird thoughts going on my mind. Perhaps we can all have some fun here, aren’t we?

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