Create Your Facebook Catalog with R

Why You Would Need A Facebook Product Catalog If you are running a Shopify e-commerce website and you wish to tag your products on Facebook Collection Ads or regular social posts like what big fashion brands would do, the first thing you would need is a Facebook product catalog. How To Create A Facebook Catalog... Continue Reading →

B2B Marketing Strategy

Is networking the only way to acquire customers? Nope B2B marketing is pretty different than B2C marketing. When I was a Business Consultant in a Dalian consulting company, I always wondered that where our clients came from. One day I discovered the secret. Because our boss was also a professor at a credible MBA school,... Continue Reading →

My Experience with New York Times

Reading newspapers is not out of fashion My girlfriend always laughs at me when I read printed newspapers, saying that it's an old man's hobby. My typical response to her is to shrug and pretend that nothing has happened. I am not that stupid to argue on this issue because I know that I would... Continue Reading →

My Customer Journey on Warby Parker Online Store

About Warby Parker Warby Parker is one of the pioneers in the direct-to-customer e-commerce world. It started in 2010 in Philadelphia by Neil Blumenthal, Andrew Hunt, David Gilboa, and Jeffrey Raider. Their glasses can be purchased online at a pretty low rate when compared with regular optic stores. They also offer free "Home-Try-On program" that allows people to... Continue Reading →

Blockchain & Marketing

It's never too late to learn about blockchain Blockchain has been a hot thing in recent years, mainly because of the skyrocketing price of Bitcoin. Not many people may know that blockchain as a database technology can also be used in advertising industry. An overview of media buying process Traditionally, ad agencies buy ad inventory from... Continue Reading →

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